Anionic Polyelectrolyte As RO Flocculants

by:Peide     2020-07-10
Polymer is really a large molecule (macromolecule) constructed from repeating structural units. These sub-units are generally connected by covalent chemical bonds. While the term polymer is sometimes taken to touch on to plastics, it actually encompasses a long class of compounds comprising both natural and man-made materials with a wide variety of properties. Because among the extraordinary range of properties of polymeric materials, they play an essential and ubiquitous role in your everyday living. This role ranges from familiar synthetic plastics and elastomers to natural biopolymers such as nucleic acids and proteins that are very important for life-time. Polyelectrolytes are polymers whose repeating units bear an electrolyte online community. These groups will dissociate in aqueous solutions (water), making the polymers falsely accused. Polyelectrolyte properties are thus similar to both electrolytes (salts) and polymers (high molecular weight compounds), and are sometimes called polysalts. One's own can the charge, these polymers are anionic or cationic. Polyelectrolytes found in a vast range of molecular weights and charge densities. Homo polymers of acrylamide additionally included inside of family of polyelectrolytes though they don't carry any charge. RO Flocculant or Anionic Polyelectrolyte keep the ROC connected with products. Everyone a liquid polymer made to aid precipitation of suspended solids pertaining to instance iron oxide, mud along with other soft foulants. Chemtex's RO Flocculants (Anionic Polyelectrolyte) comprise a category of proprietary products, including anionic emulsions and dry poly acrylamides, may be used wherever liquid/solids separation ought to be required in industrial RO courses. To meet the demands of various treatment applications, such as clarification and sludge dewatering, Chemtex's RO Flocculants (Anionic Polyelectrolyte) & RO Coagulants (Cationic Polyelectrolyte) are available. Flocculants from Chemtex can increase pre-filtration efficiency and productivity in membrane systems for RO feed water treatment. It is a highly effective quaternary polymer compound along with that is used for solid particles removal in textile, paper and dyeing industries and turbid liquid from other industries. Application: - Treatment, Waste water treatment, effluent water treatment treatment, RO water pre-treatment. Specification:- Properties Unit Typical Value Form & Appearance - Powder/Liquid Viscosity mPa.s Product Specific Specific Gravity - Product Specific pH pH Product Specific Solid Content % Product Specific Charge - Anionic Solubility in % 100 Dosage and Method :- Chemtex's RO Floculants (Anionic Polyelectrolyte) are dosed during water preatment for solid/liquid separation before a water gets introduced to softener/reverse osmosis system. Flocculating chemical / flocculant is dosed by diluting it with 10 - 40 times with water after which it is dosed into the waste water directly, after being mixed several minutes, waste is precipitated or air - floated as well as the water becomes clear. It is dosed the same manner per the dosage rate and procedure for MAXFLOC A 106, MAXFLOC A 107, MAXFLOC A 108, MAXFLOC A 115 and MAXFLOC 301 from THERMAX; PERMAFLOC PC 306, PERMAFLOC PC 306 T and PERMAFLOC PC 603 T from NALCO; DREWFLOC range of merchandise from CHEMBOND ASHLAND; SOILSEP range of items from GE in addition to. Key Features and Major Benefits:-
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