Are Algal Blooms Becoming A whole?

by:Peide     2020-07-09
The problems associated with harmful algal bloom (HABs) have become tremendous, resulting to huge economic deficit and health issues. The accumulation of HABs in public and commercial water systems has been rampant, inflicting critical health and ecological problems among waterways and wetlands around the area. Most problems attached with HABs infestation are economic related which include lost of revenue, consumer fears, and shift in livelihoods. Almost $82 million loss has been recorded every year in United States alone due to the impact of harmful algae rose. The total estimated deficit was taken from public health commercial fisheries sectors in U.S. In 2005, New England's economy was paralyzed due to Alexandrium fundyense bloom (commonly known as red tide). Closure of shellfish harvesting had been mandated to prevent the cases of shellfish poisoning, the commission crusher brought massive loss, approximately $18 million, in the shellfish industry. Texas to help escape the threat of algal bloom as the Karenia brevis outbreak caused chaos in the coastal waters. In the height of summer 2000, the fish kills spread in many areas in Texas which prompted the closure of shellfish harvesting, resulting to millions of deficit from fishery closures and costs from water treatment cleanup. Toxic algal bloom has been feared for its damaging effects on commercial fisheries and marine environments. Algal bloom effects include the development of harmful toxins are generally dangerous or fatal to humans and other microbes. Meanwhile, some species of algae can be non-toxic to humans and animals but adversely damage the ecosystem by forming large blooms that cover corals along with the entire sea floor. Human health and ecosystem are stake when HABs increase and remain untreated. So what is algal bloom? Some species of algae, including cyanobacteria, are accountable for blooms. Algal bloom happens when the population of algae increase rapidly, causing damaging effects to aquatic environments. Lakes, ponds, and slow-moving rivers are given to algal bloom infestation. Algae bloom is an awesome phenomenon that may arise invariably, depending on weather and water conditions. Blooms are widespread during summer or spring due on the sudden change in coldness. Most algal blooms crop up under favourable conditions: excess nutrients, direct heat, and high concentrations of phosphorus and nitrogen. However, human activity greatly contributes to the event of algae bloom. For example, in urban areas, the nutrients from septic tanks and sewage treatment plants can overflow and pollute the waterways or systems. Likewise, in rural areas, agricultural runoff from pesticides and other waste coming from fields might increase the pollution from water treatment features such as lakes, rivers and estuaries. An algal bloom likewise part of the natural aging process of lk. However, severe blooms occur when dead algae deplete the amount of oxygen in normal water treatment. In highly eutrophic lakes, algal blooms may brought about anoxia and fish kills during the summer. It is advisable to expedite the removal of HABS on commercial fisheries and other marine waters to prevent further trouble. There are number of algae solutions formulated to treat and prevent algae attack.
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