Water Descaler & Treatment

Water Problems in Circulating Water: Water Scale, Corrosion, Bacteria and Algae.
Corrosion: Tube, pipeline strength get weak, Heat exchanger leakage happens.
Water scale: Heat-exchanger ports get blocked, easy to cause corrosion.
Algae and biological sludge: Cooling tower filling media deform, sink, Visible pollution.
Sludge sedimentation: sludge gathered cause block .


Water Descaler: Prevent and remove scale at heat ex-changer.

Chemical Dosing System: To add inhibitor, germicide, fungicide to reduce corrosion. 

Sand Filter: Removes impurities from raw water to achieve water reuse.
Water Electromagnetic Treatment:  Automatically adjust operation & sewage discharge.
Condenser Tube Cleaning System: To clean condenser tubes automatically.

Chemical Dosing System

Sand Filter Equipment

Water Electromagnetic Treatment

Condenser Tube Cleaning System


A large number of suspension condensation occurs under the action of electromagnetic wave. When the water is heated or the pressure decreases, the Ca and Mg plasma in the hard water will be adsorbed on the crystal nucleus to form scale and run with the water. This prevents scaling by not adhering to the surface of heaters and pipes. Similarly, the old scale will gradually dissolve in the water and be washed away by the water, so as to achieve the effect of scale removal.Our water treatment equipment apply for Pond, River, Swimming Pool Water System, Industries, Ballast Water, Swewage Treatment, etc.  

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