How is Dam Water Purified for Drinking Purposes?

by:Peide     2020-06-30
Gauteng gets its supply from Lesotho, through the Lesotho Highlands Project; a venture that created in partnership between the Lesotho and South Africa governments, involving the Vaal River system. It is Africa's largest water transfer scheme, and a complex system involving many rivers and dams across Lesotho and South Africa. The following paragraphs will focus on the purification processes. Preparation To enable therapy technology to take place, certain environmental conditions need for taken into deliberation. The suitability of climatic, hydrological, topographic as well as geological conditions could be assessed before water treatment dams can be constructed. One of main focus areas is the protection from sources of chemical and organic pollution as well as sanitary drainage before any treatment processes can commence. The purification process is drawn from the Vaal Dam for purification, after who's is transported to purification stations or treatment dams where might be treated to some standard turning it into suitable for human daily allowance. The type and degree of treatment would depend the quality of the water taken from the dam, but is normally conducted in specially constructed plants until you are released and distributed via underground pipe joints. Treatment typically includes the following processes: 1. Treatment water intake The first step in the actual procedure usually requires selecting intake areas, that's usually using a depth which contains the lowest concentration of suspended materials such as manganese and iron. The temperature should ideally be as low as possible also. 2. Primary treatment The second step in the operation is filtering the suspended materials through coarse and then finer screens after which it goes through sand and silt trapping processes. Then primary chlorination takes post. 3. Aeration and Clarification treatment The following step in the procedure process is the removal of excessive stages of oxygen, hydrogen sulphate and carbon dioxide. If normal water contains quite high amounts of organic, solid or suspended materials or maybe it is turbid, a remedy method called Clarification appears. 4. Disinfection treatment The course of treatment continues while using the removal of infectious agents, bacteria and mold, as well as done accelerate ozone gas, chlorine gas or a hypochloride solution to the water, or by UV light treatment. 5. Absorption Lastly, this is passed through activated carbon which vital when involving pollution are detected. A number of completely removes smell or taste problems and guarantees the removal of microorganisms. Treatment plant operation and Maintenance Only a fixed number of technicians with medium-level skills are very important to the operation of the electrical and mechanical equipment in treatment plants. Quality control however, requires highly-skilled techs. These plants do not need high stages of maintenance seeing that the plants are additionally free of disruptions, and maintenance work can become carried out by locally trained office staff. The effectiveness this treatment technology This purification treatment technology produces quality water, that will work with drinking as well as all domestic purposes throughout Gauteng, as long as sufficient quantities of are made from the Vaal River system and also the Vaal Dam.
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