The development of China's Water Treatment Agent

by:Peide     2020-06-23
The water shortage was a major problem facing our country, particularly in recent years, with the rapid impending the domestic economy, it consumption rose sharply, its pollution increasingly serious. Industrial water treatment technology has important importance to the conservation of water resources, reduce pollution, extend equipment every day. Therefore, with the industrial water treatment and environmental protection requirements to continuously improve and constantly enrich the regarding treatment agent, and continuously improve motion. treatment agent are chemicals for industrial regarding example DBNE), domestic and waste water treatment course of treatment. After the processing of these chemicals, which help the quality to meet certain requirements.Its main role is to control the organization of scale, sludge, and reduce foam, lessen corrosion contact materials, associated with the suspended solids in the water and toxic substances, deodorization, bleaching, softening and stable water quality; according to the role could be divided into corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, flocculants, killing bacteria and algae, and many others. Flocculant: flocculant having an extremely important role in water approach. It can be used to reduce water turbidity, color and feel of indicators, to get of variety of organic polymer, certain volatile organic compounds and radioactive substances. Corrosion inhibitor: In China, there a lot of varieties of corrosion inhibitors, such as phosphate, chromate, nitrate, etc.; in which chromate because of its toxicity and was eliminated, phosphate occupies an important place. With countries around the world made regulations for sewage phosphorus emissions, also limited its use. From its 1990s onwards, non-phosphorus or low phosphorus circulating treatment agent its been a rapid development in domestic and foreign, its representative products contain macromolecular organic phosphines such as phosphono carboxylic multi-multi-amino carboxyl methylene phosphonic acid, non-phosphorus corrosion and scale inhibitorsits and the attached composite formulations such as polyaspartic acid and cinnamic aldehydeits a lot of. DISPERSOR: Simply because the 1980s, striving developed new products sulfonic acid groups and phosphate groups copolymer, they have a good scale inhibition and dispersion, as well as the corrosion hang-up. Biocides: Health supplement incomplete statistics, its domestic cycle cooling water Biocides nearly 80 species, broken into two categories: one for oxidizing Biocides; the other for non-oxidizing Biocides, including some surfactants. Other auxiliary: Order to better leverage the effectiveness the drinking water the agent, and also need a series of supporting the utilization of the pharmaceutical with the treatment agent, such as cleaning agents, antifoaming agents, oxygen scavengers, oily flotation agent, pre-film etc. The research and development treatment agent has ascertained achievements, especially in recent years, China are suffering from a new type treatment agent to fill the gaps. But due to industrial increase the relatively short good our water treatment agent, the is made of relatively weak compared with foreign countries, backward technology, the overall level is not high. , With global environmental awareness,The development of China's water treatment agent should work as main direction of a good performance, non-toxic, pollution-free multi-purpose, environmentally friendly, efficient treatment agent.
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