UV Water Sterilizer Operating Principle

by:Peide     2020-06-19
It's generally known that the seven forms of light (red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, blue and purple) are made by the various wave entire light. Ultraviolet (UV) could be another kind of sunshine which is of high energy. The wave amount of ultraviolet ranges from 40nm to 400nm, so this short wave cannot seen by human eyes. Ultraviolet is further divided into ultraviolet A radiation (UVA), ultraviolet B radiation (UVB), ultraviolet C radiation (UVC) and vacuum ultraviolet propagation. UV has strong bactericidal action that could destroy the bacteria and virus which are harmful to human medical. The sterilization principle of UV should be to destroy the DNA structure of the vital center by irradiating the cells and computer. In this case, protein which will be the component of this microbe should not be formed precisely as it used into. Then the cells or virus will die immediately or lose its reproduction capacities. Generally, UV can do its goal of sterilizing in a short time. As a matter of fact, all the microbes are sensitive to UV. Therefore, UV water sterilizer has excellent qualifications in water treatment. Ultraviolet water treatment sterilizer has lots of advantages in water treatment, such as immediate and thorough sterilizing, water quality not affected, simple operation and low maintenance bill. Speed & Efficiency The sterilizing speed of UV is a lot faster than that of ozone and chlorine. The sterilizing of ozone and chlorine might need ten to twenty minutes, while, high intensity UV only needs a while. Technology of ozone and chlorine sterilizing can not kill the parasites (such as cryptosporidium and giardia) which much more expensive harmful for human stomach. What's worse, traditional chlorine sterilizing may also produce gano-chlorine which is carcinogenic for that health. Ozone sterilizing may well have ozone in this air may do harm to the physical and mental health for the stuff working around. Luckily, UV works to the majority of the bacteria, virus, parasites, pathogens and plankton. It will not cause any secondary pollution or leave any toxic substances in the water. Simple Equipment Because of the company's high efficiency in sterilizing, uv water sterilization has comparatively simple equipments. Once after drinking water flows at night UV water sterilizer, to generate videos directly. The upkeep of UV water sterilizer is also very simple. The one thing we need to do is clean it periodically. For no matter if mentioned above, we observe that UV water sterilizer is the most advanced, effective and economical method for water sterilizing. No wonder why it is widely applied in so many countries.
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