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Waste water treatment factory in lingyi city,Shangdong

Waste water treatment factory in lingyi city,Shangdong


Project name:Waste water treatment factory in Linyi city, Shangdong Province, China


Application:Waste oil emulsification and concentration

Flow rate:3200m3/hpipe size:24 inch/DN600

Background:This factory mainly produces acid oil and derivative product, in the process of Waste oil emulsification and concentration,the heat exchanger met the terrible problem of scale.

The challenge:The inlet temperature of heat exchanger is 125 degree,outlet temperature is 95 degree.but after using for 100 hours,it has to open the heat exchanger cover to clean the scale.It always take 8 hours to clean it because the scale is too hard and very large.

The solution:The solution proposed was to install Peide Aqusoften-s600 which was installed on the inlet of heat exchanger.

The results:after using for 100 hours,the outlet temperature of heat exchanger still is 96 degree.It arrives to 100 degree after using 360 hours then needs to clean the heat exchanger.It only takes 2.5 hours to clean the heat exchanger because the scale turns soften and very small.the exist scale on the outlet of heat exchanger pipe is also reducing.


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