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Water Problems in Circulating Water: Water scale, corrosion, bacteria and algae.

Corrosion: Tube, pipeline strength get weak, Heat exchanger leakage happens.

Water scale: heat-exchange efficiency gets down, Heat-exchanger ports get blocked, Water pump capacity gets lower, working pressure gets higher, Easy to cause corrosion , Cooling tower efficiency gets down, 

Algae and biological sludge: Cooling tower filling media deform, sink, Visible pollution.

Sludge sedimentation: sludge gathered cause block 

Aqusoften: Prevent and remove scale at heat ex-changer, pipeline. Prevent corrosion.
Elgressy electrochemical treating way:  Absorb scale ions, reduce water hardness, increase water cycle of concentration, reduce discharge, save water
Auto Condenser tube cleaning System: To clean condenser tubes automatically 
Filter: To filter big particles, suspended solids, reduce turbidity, reduce sludge
Chemical dosing system: To add inhibitor, germicide, fungicide to reduce corrosion  


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