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Peide Water Treatment Equipment has been focusing on water treatment products for over 15 years, the quality of products are guaranteed. 


The main products of Peide include: magnetic water descaler, heat exchanger cleaning equipment, chemical dosing equipment, uv water disinfection system, electronic algae control, sand  filter, backwash system water filter.



Aqusoften:  Prevent and remove scale at heat ex-changer, pipeline. Prevent corrosion.

Elgressy electrochemical treating way:  Absorb scale ions, reduce water hardness, increase water cycle of concentration, reduce discharge, save water.

Auto Condenser tube cleaning System:  To clean condenser tubes automatically.

Filter: To filter big particles, suspended solids, reduce turbidity, reduce sludge.

Chemical dosing system: To add inhibitor, germicide, fungicide to reduce corrosion.  

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