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Ultrasonic Algae Controller


Ultrasonic algae controller



Ultra-sonic wave is widely recognized and proven method of removing alga, degrading organic pollutant of water. It has advantages over other traditional alga-removing and inhibiting methods such as handmade remove alga. Ultrasonic algae

Ultra-sonic wave device is consisted of a launcher, float device, wire and control box.


Working principle

Principle of Operation

“Cavitation effect” will happen if ultra-sonic energy is transmitted in liquid or water.
The ultra-sonic wave device system releases ultra sonic wave, which creates a sudden hotpot, with high temperature and high pressure, after a series of power cycle, like oscillation, expansion, compression and collapse. Several seconds later, the hotpot cooled instantly, with a strong shock wave, which generates an extreme physical environment for organism and alga. Alga’s cell membrane broke down at this specific frequency of ultra-sonic wave, and finally decline and disappear.


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