Higher Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

by:Peide     2020-07-01
Application: Series ZYD Double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier can remove the water, gas and impurities in insulation oil high-efficiently, increasing pressure to succeed force and excellence of oil, improve the oil limiting voltage-withstand value much higher and that you simply the electric device running safely. Handy is mainly used for electric power department and industries to deal with various oils such as transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil, dielectric oil and so forth. It also could be used for filtration of more than 110KV substation live line work onsite. Meanwhile, as the bridge-type vacuum linking system, Series ZYD oil purifier can be utilized as independent vacuum source with functions of vacuum drying and vacuum oiling. Feature: 1. This machine is high effective and portable, which is very suit in order to operate on limit. Also it can use to dry the electric equipment and input the oil into the electric equipment under the vacuum propose. 2.The machine adopts the double-infrared liquid automatic controller, sensitive automatic pressure protector and worth effective equipment for degas, so can be easy to perform. 3. High vacuum limiting vacuum under 5pa, working vacuum compared to 35pa. 4. High absorption speed, absorption speed power beyond 333L/Sr. 5. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation technology, eliminating the liquid water treatment very effectively. 6. UK G technology by how the trace water that is show chain, such as dissolved water treatment, can be removed . 7. Distinctive removing impurities technology filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power. 8. Graphite infrared heating systems that probably will make the oil contains zero sum of ethyne after treatment. 9. The oil any specific grades can be treated on the internet at the important site. Contact with :August Skype:august.qi My mobilephone No:+86-15823511984 My office No:+86-23-68681153 My fax No:+86-23-86197078 Email:oilpurifier.august@zhongnengcq.cn MSN/hotmail:august.qi@hotmail.com YAHOO:augustqi@yahoo.cn Gmail:augustqh@gmail.com http://www.ec51.com/augustqi/ http://purifiertrade.diytrade.com http://znoilpurifier.weebly.com Advantage: Comparing making use of single-stage vacuum oil purifier, series ZYD adds ROOTS vacuum system, second stage of separating system develop the effect of purification which dewaters, degases and removes impurities more quickly, more completely and make the oils limiting voltage-withstand value much more extensive. This machine also can remove free, soluble water treatment, carbon, free and dissolved gases and particulate matters from insulating oil effectively and briskly. As the bridge-type vacuum linking system that can filter and an independent vacuum power supply, this machine could be vacuum treating the electric insulating machinery. Series ZYD utilizes coacervation technology, coalescing technology, separating technology and delicate purification computers and technology.
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