Luxury Facial Treatments at La Spa with Kerstin

by:Peide     2020-06-28
What makes a La Spa facial so loved? You could say it's our competent and professional beauty therapists or the totally relaxing ambience of our facial treatment rooms. And you'll be nearly right! But you'd be missing one very special ingredient. The real secret to the success and popularity of la Spa Therapie Malahide's luxurious facial treatments is the top-of-the-range organic beauty products we choose. So in today's blog we'd prefer to introduce you to our two favourite friends here at the Spa. The Divine Miss Kerstin Florian and the Delectable and Enigmatic VOYA. Both these brands are renowned with their quality organic ingredients, age-defying and skin-replenishing properties along with the years of research from expert dermatologists and cosmetic scientists who go into creating their top-of-the-range products. Let's take a closer look. The Kerstin Florian facial treatment range This family-run company based out of California, USA, creates their specially formulated spa products from natural resources including thermal mineral water treatment, mud, algae, natural ingredients and essential oils. Kerstin Florian is herself Swedish born (giving her a rather unfair advantage when it comes to understanding spa treatments and appliances!) Kerstin sources the finest ingredients and resources from around the world, combining research and insights from East and West to make a comprehensive range of facial treatment products. The KF range is proper for all skin types and ages and is refreshingly light in feel and cologne. Antioxidant ingredients protect skin color from contact the elements while aromatherapy and herbal elements are infused in the products to help you destress and unwind during your luxury skin redness. The VOYA facial treatment range Irish and family owned company VOYA source organic seaweed from an Irish coast and cultivate it to create the ultimate organic seaweed skincare routine. The Waltons, an Organization. Sligo family, developed their formula after being handed down generations of wisdom all about the sea and the skin replenishing qualities of seaweed. Their range of seaweed facial products are the result with the embedded knowledge combined with eight years research using the finest dermatologists, marine biologists and organic cosmetic beneficial to. Containing algae anti-oxidants, pro collagen organic plant extracts and luxurious healing organic oils, VOYA facial products indulge your skin, refresh your eyes, tighten and firm your face, and leave you with a natural radiance. One belonging to the most sumptuous treatments we provide you with at La Spa can be a full or half-day spa package using either Kerstin Florian or VOYA health supplements. 'The Ultimate Journey' can be a total pamper-fest and the range of facial and massage treatments along using a relaxing herbal bath, body wrap and mani-pedi, including tea/coffee and scones on arrival and lunch in our luscious tranquility room. Are incredibly Journey promises a day of luxury body fat forget! Make contact with the ladies at the spa to learn more.
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