Night Photography Experience Summary

by:Peide     2020-07-13
When you go home at night, or shopping, maybe your camera is inside sleep too! Course, this is understandable. But the night Why do not we attempt making it look? In fact, many traditional 35mm cameras, including cameras, digital camera cameras and other digital camera has a shutter speed range, so you can shoot well in the dark. You need that allows the image produced by camera shake is not really that vague, it must realize that knowledge. First, you actually undo the camera's automatic flash party. Most 35mm and APS compact cameras have a sign: a flash latch, which has a ring, a slash through a 45-degree, as a symbol of that being the case. This can turn off the flash, the camera can be always ensure the long exposure setting. You should check the camera's manual to see when there is a long shutter speed. Digital cameras generally can be such an operation, like the Nikon Coolpix 995, Sony DSC-F707, Minolta Dimage 5 and most digital SLR cameras, you can put the flash on the duty below it, neglect the prompt to notify you activate the flash . If your camera has to cancel the flash performance, you can put off the flash inside of this. Then, when you press the shutter button, click click, you uncover door opened and shut. When the shutter open, you need to keep the camera still. If you are holding the camera, this is usually impossible. There are many support to ensure camera stability. You should use small or large tripod; you make use of a full bags of beans or small polystyrene balls, they need in conjuction with the outline of ability and can be fixed to the amazing support of the camera, but you will need other help, for example wall or a tree to retain the small bag. When the camera is fixed then, you can press the shutter, and attention to try to keep the time. Of course, this is not an easy activity. Usually when shooting at night, black scene will be great, but occasionally there are some bright object, for lights in large buildings, the trees in the moonlight, beautiful fireworks, lively open-air plaza as well as the neon signs therefore forth. Camera's exposure system aren't used to such scenes, may require some manual fixings. Here, the advantages of digital cameras become very best. You can capture an image, the preview in the viewfinder. If appears too dark or bright areas isn't obvious. So you can manually adjust the exposure compensation settings can be used, try to remake one, until a person satisfactory color healthy. The abolition of flash and exposure compensation settings for, the digital Digital slr is usually easier and practical. However, you must plenty of experience in this. Because you can not immediately see what you shoot until the film is processed out, but usually too late at the same time. Note each photo is best used for exposure time and aperture, so that lessons learned. If the camera has a built-in metering system immediately, we can take into account the data from the brilliant areas to avoid exposure produced a whole black photo. No matter under what circumstances, and we'll always encounter some bright stuff. Therefore, I will provide some accurate exposure values for reference only. The info set is built based on ISO100, you can speed according to different film exposure comp. Commonly used in digital cameras, CCD exposure sensitivity is ISO 100, but there are also different, such as ISO 200,400,800 and so on. You need to observe recognize and customize. Also, using color film, we should pay attention to the color processing. Most of the Japanese film in the bright light can produce some good photos. But a person first shoot in unnatural light, we must pay attention to color processing. If light from the incandescent light, the color photo with a yellow color will be; if this is taken under fluorescent light, the photos will with an environmentally friendly tint. Here, it will likely be filter is very. They can be installed in the digital SLR camera lens, the compact can also be placed in front of this camera. In addition, digital camera which has some practical manner. Look at the many digital camera's menu, there can be a white balance control, usually the camera defaults to Robot. But when the light is very complicated, automatic processing is difficult to satisfactory, it are confused by the sunshine. Thus, in a different light when shooting, you're able to undo the automatic white balance settings, while the other preset modes, such as shop windows, underground lighting is usually fluorescent, white floodlit buildings, the street next to the lighting bulb and Wealthy grand room and also the filament usually results within about. Some cameras have an additional advanced mode, when the camera at the white part of your scene, you can manually set, that it can distinguish the reflected white light, resulting in a superb compensation effect. Additionally you can capture and preview until you are satisfied of tinge of color. So you do not need to filter the light to get from the color of sunlight. White balance is a good color processing. Detailed content we appear at the relevant reports. When using a digital camera when shooting in low light, the CCD camera, the ability of a test. This may generate some noise (some small irregular regions of pixels in the dark.) Now, some new digital cameras have noise reduction system, a good default to improve the caliber of photos.
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