Poly Electrolyte For Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals

by:Peide     2020-06-26
Chemtex Speciality Limited is truly the leading international ISO 9001:2008 certified companies devoted to provide its clients with leading edge technology in RO membrane pretreatment chemicals to treat RO feed water treatment from scaling, corrosion, organic foulants like bacteria, fungi, algae etc. Our R&D Team is continuously involved to meet the ever changing requirements belonging to the RO membrane water treatment treatment industry. As a result, Chemtex has repeatedly produced and is still producing superior quality and extremely effective RO pretreatment chemicals to operate your RO systems smoothly and to enhance this system life. Chemtex has acquired technical expertise in formulating a wide of Industrial Chemicals for wide industrial consumption. Processed by following well defined industrial procedures, these are widely demanded attributable to their precise composition and pH value. Offered in tamper-proof packaging material, these industrial chemicals can be availed from us at industry leading asking prices. We process and supply Pollution Treatment Polyelectrolyte, which is a high molecular weight flocculent polymer-bonded. This effective industrial chemical can do promoting flocculation by neutralizing and destabilizing the superficial electric charges of sludge particles in the. These particles are then absorbed by activated functional group on the inside flocculent polymer. Chemtex's Poly Electrolytes are organic compounds comprise a class of proprietary products, including anionic, cationic and nonionic emulsions and dry poly acryl amides, which can be used whenever liquid/solids separation is needed in industrial applications. Fulfill the demands of various treatment applications, such as clarification and sludge dewatering, Chemtex's polyelectrolyte products are available with different molecular weights, form and charge densities. Application: - RO, NF, UF, MF Membranes Specification:- v Form & Appearance - Powder/Liquid v Viscosity - Product Specific (mPa.s) v Specific Gravity - Product Specific v pH - Product Specific (pH) v Solid Content - Product Specific (%) v Charge - Cationic/Anionic/Neutral v Solubility in - 100% Key Features and Major Benefits:- v Decolorizing agent, COD decreasing v Mainly used for color removal for dense color waste water v Can be used to treat waste water from textile industry and dye houses, pigment industry, printing industry and paper industry v Improved clarification v Improved color removal v Minimizes sludge volume v Improved filter runs v Improved settling and separation v Improved floc size and formation v Minimizes sludge Dosage and Method: - Chemtex's Poly Electrolytes are dosed by diluting it with 10 - 40 times with water and after which dosed into the waste water treatment directly, after being mixed several minutes, waste is precipitated or air - floated as well as the water becomes clear. It is dosed just as per the dosage rate and method of MAXFLOC T, MAXFLOC 20, MAXFLOC 30, MAXFLOC 502, MAXFLOC 504, MAXFLOC 506, MAXFLOC 507, MAXFLOC C-11, MAXFLOC C-21, MAXFLOC C-22, MAXFLOC C-31, MAXFLOC C-33, MAXFLOC A 106, MAXFLOC A 107, MAXFLOC A 108, MAXFLOC A 115 and MAXFLOC 301 from THERMAX; PERMAFLOC PC 306, PERMAFLOC PC 306 T and PERMAFLOC PC 603 T from NALCO; CHARGEPAC, DREWFLOC and AMERFLOC selection of products from CHEMBOND ASHLAND; SOILSEP array of products from GE etc. Please for you to your CSL service engineer for exact product measure. To contact Chemtex for Polyelectrolyte and wide associated with industrial water treatment chemicals, dial to +91-33-71111111 or mail us info@chemtexlimited.com .
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