The Hollywood Herbalist

by:Peide     2020-06-22
This is an A to Z of completely natural herbal remedies that work wonders for a host of A-listers. Cameron Diaz uses witch hazel that her complexion, Jessica Alba uses eyebright when she's too close to cats and her eyes puff up. Whether it's for skin, hair, nails perhaps a flat tummy, there's herbal help at hand. Here are some the most popular, with all the scientific basis for each, an A-lister who swears by it, and some advice for each application. Smooth Skin Herbal how-to: Evening primrose or borage, known as starflower. What the experts say: The oil of evening primrose is packed with essential fatty acids, especially Omega-6 gamma-linolenic, acid (GLA). Impact calm eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis as well as plumping up dried-out skin and soothing scaly bits. Starflower oil, made from beautiful borage flowers, is even more potent, and what's more, it also helps ease stiff joints and can help lower cholesterol. Green goddess: Halle Berry is among the starlets whose great skin is as a result of a helping hand from Mother Nature, not from the surgeon's knife. Did you are certain? Oats can also be great for soothing irritated skin and calming dermatitis or eczema - try tying a couple in a muslin bag and allowing it to infuse your warm shower. Glossy Hair Herbal how-to: Sage, rosemary, chamomile and burdock root. What the experts say: Want more luxurious locks? Burdock root and rosemary are believed to stimulate hair growth and both are also a great remedy for itchy scalps and dandruff. Sage and chamomile are told help strengthen hair, and sage might help to calm frizz - try rinsing the hair with an infusion made with 10-15 leaves (for greasy hair, rinse along with a rosemary infusion). Green goddess: Demi Moore has found the secret to great-looking hair - she rubs rosemary oil on to her scalp, giving herself a vigorous scalp massage at once to stimulate blood flow. Did you identify? Make your own hair helper like Demi's: Add 2-5 drops of rosemary essential oil to at least teaspoon of essential olive oil then work the oils through dampened hair and massage the scalp. Wrap your head in the warm towel leaving on for 45 minutes to deep condition the hair's. Wash out and rinse with cool water treatment. Flat Stomach Herbal how-to: Peppermint, lemon balm, fennel and chamomile. What the experts say: Peppermint, that contains the essential oil menthol, is fantastic for relieving bloating and gas - it works by directly soothing the muscles in the digestive system. Chamomile's natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and heal the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal system. Fennel and lemon balm are great for relieving the pain of trapped flatulence. Green goddess: Beyonce Knowles keeps her tummy trim by always including weight loss like peppermint in their tour requests. Did you know? Infusions work best obtaining a flatter stomach, as they allow herbs to enter the scene direct contact the particular walls of the stomach and colon. Bright Eyes Herbal how-to: Gingko biloba, eyebright or bilberry leaf. What the experts say: Gingko biloba is fantastic for improving circulation so can stimulate blood flow to the eye region, and studies have shown it may are likely involved in preventing diabetic cataracts. Bilberry has been seen to reduce eye irritation and can extend the range and clarity of your vision, while eyebright is recommended for conjunctivitis or eye strain. Green goddess: Twinkle-eyed Jessica Alba is allergic to cats so she always turns to eye drops containing eyebright to keep her peepers looking fabulous. Did you comprehend? The effects of the bilberry plant were discovered during World War II when pilots who were enjoying bilberry jam on their toast found they were becoming more accurate at hitting their targets. Herbal how-to: Gotu kola, gingko biloba and horse proverb. What the experts say: No one wants unsightly spider veins and while there is no non-invasive ways completely reverse them, you can prevent them with a bit of herbal help. Horse chestnut is a tonic which allows you to improve the tone of the veins by tightening the elastic fibers within walls. However, foresight is advised discover the right quantity. The Indian herb gotu kola aids strengthen existing varicose veins, to prevent them getting any worse and increases blood flow. Gingko biloba can also be useful for improving circulation in decreased limbs. Green goddess: Famous for her long pins, Nicole Kidman is keen to keep her legs flawless with a supplement to boost the flow of blood. Did you determine? The enzyme bromelain from pineapple especially useful in stopping the enzymes that break down damaged veins - it also prevents fibrin from forming lumpy deposits around varicose problematic veins. Fight Flare-Ups Herbal how-to: Dandelion, witch hazel and red clover. What the experts say: Dandelion has general detoxifying properties which can be placed to great use when it for you to battling spots and acne. Red clover is useful as a good treatment of skin problems because of the high dosage of vitamin B-complex - fresh flowers have traditionally been mashed and applied with the the skin being a remedy for insect bites. The astringent effects of witch hazel are undoubtedly useful for many acne sufferers - just dab just a little onto problem areas, or use instead of your usual laser toner. Green goddess: Cameron Diaz is famed for her flawless skin but may be prone to breakouts which she fights with a homemade witch hazel and aloe vera nose and mouth mask. Did you know? Aloe vera has anti-bacterial properties with its cool mucous liquid acts as a cooling agent for inflammations and skin irritations. Naturally Gorgeous Nails Herbal how-to: Dulse and horsetail. What the experts say: Dulse, a supplement from the algae family, is very high in nutrients, one of a few non-animal associated with B-12, and contains omega 3 fatty acids, minerals pertaining to example silicon, magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, chromium, and iodine. Along with benefiting the bones, it also helps with tissue growth and also the skin. Horsetail is complete with antioxidants that help prevent degeneration of skin and nails, and will likely help brittle nails. Green goddess: Rihanna's nails always look amazing - want to know her secret? Her favorite L.A. nail salon offers help massage which include horsetail concentrate. Did restrict? Pale, brittle nails are closely related to nutritional deficiencies, with regard to calcium, zinc and iron, or from too much selenium - white spots on your nails as well often a result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency, particularly zinc.
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