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Ultraviolet water sterilizer


TOC Decomposer sterilizer


Product Description

Ultraviolet water sterilizer20Tons per hour PDC.1.Ultraviolet water sterilizerHigh germicidal efficiency 2.No secondary pollution 3.Reasonable price,Can display intensity and cumulative time.user-friendly control.


Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Peide
Model Number: PDC-500
Material: 304ss or 316L
MOQ: 1
Payment: TT
Delivery: 5 working days
Start port: Shanghai

Detailed Product Description

1.High germicidal efficiency
2.No secondary pollution
3.Reasonable price
4.Good quality
5.China famous brand certificate

1.Food processing industry, including juices, milk, drinks, beer, practical oil and canned food.
2.Electronic industry.
3.Hospitals, various laboratory and high levels of pathogenic body water disinfection.
4.Households building, residential, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, water factories.
5.Purification and disinfection of shellfish, fish cleaning and disinfection
6.Military camp, field water supply system
7.Urban wastewater disinfection.
8.Swimming pool, other recreational water disinfection
9.Thermal power, nuclear power plant industrial, central air conditioning system cooling water.
10.Biological, chemical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics for the production of cooling water.
11.Sea water, fresh water breeding, aquaculture water
12.Agricultural water disinfection

UV specification

Product application

Ultraviolet light treatment is a widely recognized and proven method of disinfection of water and has several advantage over other disinfection methods such as chlorination, ozonation, etc…. UV light does not add anything to the water, such as, undesirable color, odor, taste, or flavor, nor does it generate harmful byproducts. It adds only energy in the UV radiation. Also, UV disinfection requires only a fraction of the contact times required by other disinfection methods. It is fast, efficient, effective, economical and environmentally-friendly.

Principle of Operation
UV water disinfection system design has been carefully conceived to provide adequate germicidal dosage throughout the disinfection chamber. The dosage, as it applies to UV disinfection, is a function of time and the intensity of UV radiation to which the water is exposed. Exposure time is related to the flow rate, the higher the flow rate, the lower the exposure time or the lower the flow rate, the higher the exposure time. The UV intensity is the amount of energy, per unit time, emitted by germicidal lamp. The Dosage is the product of UV intensity and the exposure time.

Limitation of Use

The UV water disinfection system NOT intended for the treatment of water that has an obvious contamination or intentional source, such as raw sewage, nor is the unit intended to convert wastewater to microbiologically safe drinking water.

Water Quality (in)

Water quality plays a major role in the transmission of germicidal UV rays. It is recommended that the water does not exceed following maximum concentration levels
Maximum Concentration Levels (Very Important)

DOSAGE is the product of intensity & time

Dosage=intensity*time=micro watt/cm2*time=microwatt-seconds per square centimeter
As a general guideline, the following are some typical UV transmission rates (UVT)











UV Transmittance


Effectively treating water with higher concentration levels than listed above can be accomplished, but may require added measures to improve water quality to treatable levels. If, for any reason, it is believed the UV transmission is not satisfactory, contact the factory.

As a general guideline, the following are some typical UV transmission rates (UVT)

City water supplies


De-ionized or Reverse Osmosis water


Surface waters(lakes, rivers, etc)


Ground water(wells)


Other liquids



Working principle

The UV-185nm light is the key point. TOC decomposer installed with 185nm bulbs. When ultra pure water is exposed under 185nm light, water reacts with ultra light.

It produces intermediates such as HO-, H, and EAQ due to water molecular homolytic reaction.This intermediates will react with organic matters due to electrophilic ,nucleophilic or electron transfer reaction,which will cause the organic matters degraded and reduce the concentration of TOC.


Why does UV-C 185nm light be used?
In ultra-pure water industry, TOC is required <15ug/L or <3ug/L. As of technology limits, so far the best way is to control at 20-50ug/L if without uv-185 light.
185nm UV light is short wave, but with high energy. Its energy equals to 6.7eV. However, the traditional way uses 254nm uv light. Its energy equals to 4.88eV. Read comparison at below:


Chemical Bonds

According to above chemical bonds under 185nm,except C=C,C=O,the other chemical bonds energy ,which less than 6.7eV,all be damaged.If under 254nm,the chemical bond energy is 4.88eV,C=C,C=O,C-F,C=N,C=S,N-O all exceed 4.88eV,so cannot be damaged.What’s more,O-H,Si-O energy similar 254nm,which is not easy to be damaged as well. 
In summary,most of organics can be damaged under 185nm uv light.Use 185nm UV light to reduce TOC is a good effective way.



A. To decompose TOC in ultra pure water.
B. High efficiency in disinfection
C. Please notice to install mix refined resin bed to make sure no extra TOC. As well, the mix refined resin bed can prevent recovering of chlorine content. 
D. How much TOC will be decomposed depends on TOC concentration in water. Standard it reduces TOC into 10ppb.

Application: EDI production Line
Client: GE Water Technology (WUXI) Co.Ltd
Advantage: Remove TOC up to 60%, stable operation
Case capacity: 15T/h
Client background: GE is a multiple service supply company, top 500.

Stainless steel analysis

PEIDE sees quality as the core. Peide spent 200,000RMB to buy the special alloy analysis instrument to make sure material is guaranteed. 
Peide always focus on quality, clients.


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