Constitute The Main Component Air conditioning

by:Peide     2020-07-06
According to the form of air conditioning condensate could be classified into: water-cooled and air-cooled two, depending on the purpose can be divided into single-cooled refrigerator condenser and cooling connected with heat two, both regarding composition which, by next combination with the main workings. Cooling system major components are compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve (or capillary, through cooling control valve), four-way valve, double valve, check valve, solenoid valves, pressure switches, fused plug, output pressure regulating valve , pressure controllers, storage tanks, heat exchangers, collectors, filters, dryers, automatic rasing and lowering devices, valves, injection liquid slug and also the other devices. Electrical system components would be main motor (compressor, fan, etc. use), operating switches, magnetic contactors, chain relay, over current relay, Thermal over-current relay, temperature controller, humidity controller, temperature switches (except cream used to prevent freezing, etc.). Compressor crankcase heater, no water treatment relays, computer boards and other components. Control system composed of multiple control devices, which are: Refrigerant Controller: expansion valve, capillary, numerous. Refrigerant circuit controllers: four-way valve, check valve, double valve, solenoid valve. Refrigerant pressure controller: buying and selling pressure, output pressure regulator valve, pressure controller. Motor protection: over current relay, Thermal over-current relays, temperature relays. Thermostat: Temperature-position regulator, the temperature ratio regulator. Humidity Regulator: Humidity-position regulator. Defrost controller: defrost temperature switch, defrost relay, various temperature control. Cooling water control: without water relays, water regulating valve, pump, etc. Alarm control: over-temperature alarm, over the wet alarm, undervoltage alarm and fire alarm, smoke wireless house alarms. Other control: indoor fan speed controller, outdoor fan speed game controller. Mechanical air cooling system, can heat pipe in order to quickly approach, reached the vicinity of atmosphere tube, tastes the water tank put in front in the car. The gas or vapor into liquid merchandise. Many power plants use turbine exhaust condensers for you to become condensing steam; used within refrigeration plant condensers for condensation of ammonia and freon refrigeration like cook. Petrochemical industry using condenser to hydrocarbon and other chemical vapor condensation. Inside of the distillation process, the vapor into liquid device named the condenser. Each one of these the condenser is eliminate gas or steam heat and functioning. For some applications, the gas must pass a long tube (usually drive into the solenoid), allowing for heat loss towards the surrounding air, like the thermal conductivity of copper metal used in the transport steam. Strengthen the efficiency of the condenser pipe attached often to accelerate the cooling heat put. Heat sink is associated with good heat conductive metal plate. General, still of one's type of condenser fans to force air through the heatsink along with the tropical faraway. Moldova, and to be massage by gently covered with quilt, in order to prevent a cold. Players wake up, they are full of energy, body comfort.
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