Koi Pond - Liners Vs. Professional Construction

by:Peide     2020-06-29
Why is there so much talk about pond liners? Which are UV protected, or stronger, or last longer? I am by no means an expert on liner technology, nor have I ever used them into my 30 years of designing and building waterfalls. If you happen to be 'liner guy' disciple, I'm sure you're thinking, 'Oh no, here he goes out.' To tell the truth, I have been minding my own home office for over two decades, just watching, reading and studying all the 'experts.' I've believed how 'pond liners are quite obvious to install,' and 'pond liners are inexpensive to be able to concrete and steel,' and 'pond liners are quick to hook up.' Or 'pond liners last for 50 years,' 'pond liners bring higher profits to pond construction and waterfall construction,' and 'liners don't contaminate the water with alkali as does concrete manufacturing.' Yes, I've almost sold myself on studying the facts of the 'experts.' Well, not quite, due the few facts of my own. So, a pond liner is guaranteed for 40 to 50 years? I possess to trust that, if you as you permit it as box superior health time. To bad this time a liner manufacturer's warranty doesn't include damage from gophers, ground squirrels, chipmunks, rats or mice. Or tree, plant and weed roots. Or from stretching and punctures in the liner due to heavy rocks and other sharp toys. Startling fact: a puncture the perfect size on the pin hole can produce a pond reduce one drip per second, or 5 gallons in only 24 several. That's a pin hole, actually a hole due to a set of buck teeth on a burrowing mammal. Imagine together with me on a minute. May spent $350 on a pond design and then $8,000 of one's hard-earned money for a pond and waterfall. Further feature is impressive. They dug a hole, accrued some dirt at one end, draped a large rubber liner over complete thing, and placed giant boulders all across the globe the fish pond is undoubtedly the dirt mound. Smaller rocks fill between the boulder and extra rocks cover the liner in the pond. Now, it's two years later and you've just come home from a two-week vacation in find it half empty (or half full, if you're a positive person). There must be a run! How did this happen? Where's it? No problem, you think, I remember the salesman's pitch: 'If you should ever obtain a leak, just clean up from the area concerning the hole, dry it off, and making use of the directions enclosed in the patching kit, apply this patching substances.' But there's one particular problem: Where is the outflow? or leaks? How do I get them? And plainly do find them, and i am successful in patching them up, what's to keep it from leaking again? Okay, I'm going to snap my fingers and you'll wake on. 'Snap!' Surprise! That was only a mental exercise with a contented ending. Computer systems real! Or was the program? Actually, it was. The short story you just heard was true. One inch every eight projects we do involves replacing the leaky liner for an angry fish pond/leaky liner owner. Why am I finally speaking up now, after 30 years and well over 2,000 waterfalls and wetlands? Because I'm angry, significantly! Not at the 'liner guy' who sells the pond liners, but at his disciples around the country which bragging how much money they can make in each day for an or couple of days. I'm not upset in the fact the player make in two days what takes me six to seven days to make in constructing my wetlands of rebar and 3000 psi solid. My ire stems from having to charge $8,000 to replace a $6,000 liner pond that lasted only 24 months. (A pond liner with padding didn't stop a tree root which traveled 25 feet to do its destructive work.) After only an additional 16% in cost, that client could still be enjoying his original pond, stress-free, for his lifetime and which his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The main features touted by pond liner promoters are simplicity, low cost, quick installation, and extremely high profits. In an article published in his catalog/magazine of liners and accessories, the 'liner messiah' has obviously taught his disciples well, as you can read in this particular excerpt: 'If you hire us to install your pond, you obtain a choice of it without or with a stream. We offer no other choices! It we build covers an area of 11 by 16 feet, involves maximum depth of 2 feet, and a beautiful fountain. We'll build your pond inside a day. Essential pond costs $5,100 and in case you for you to connect spectacular with a stream, you're looking at a spare $1,000. You are receiving. End of story. No mas.' That's what Ernie Selles, president of Patio Ponds and disciple of the 'liner guy,' said. Another quote from Ernie your past same catalog is, 'I get associated with your bed each day and look forward to for you to work from a way my partner and i never had before.' I noticed he didn't mention how well he rested well. Let's perform math on Ernie's assembly. The pond, stream, and waterfall cost is $6,100. Regularly retail cost of the kit is only $1,000. $5,100 profit for only one day's labor. Notice: unlike our package, deliver no lights, no autofill, and water-feature is only two feet deep. Yet three feet minimum are crucial for koi fish. A two foot pond affords no protection from predators since raccoons and herons, along with the shallow depth is affected easily by rapid temperature changes, causing undue force on the pond's inhabitants. Perform not prefer to construct ponds over two feet deep, because they're more chafes from abrasion cave-ins. We would build the same pond having a depth beginning from 3 to 4 feet, with no shallows for dining potential. It is a range of rebar 18 inches on center along with a shell of 3000 psi concrete (sidewalks and driveways are typically 2000 psi). This 7-sack, 60% pea with fiber mix is indeed , dense it is really waterproof. However, we still coat it with ThoroSeal. The pond is along with two anti-vortex bottom suction drains, a skimmer to get rid of surface debris, and an out-of-pond pump that produces 5000 gallons per hour at only 2.6 amps, compared to the liner guy's pumps will be only 4200 gallons on an hourly basis at top.6 amps - over twice the cost of staying power! In addition, may to pull his heavy cast iron monster create of water treatment to clean out debris. We would also include a state in the art Aqua Ultraviolet filter and UV light - the best money buy. The liner guy's filter needs to be disassembled being to fix it by hand held. The Ultima II filter demands the simple turn of a handle to back flush the rubbish. This system recently been operational in my water features for 10 years with no problems. We include an ultraviolet light in our bodies that kills the bacteria that create smells, kills pathogens that creates disease and algae spores that turn the water green. This light posesses a wiper arm that cleans the internal lens without the need to look at the light. We in addition offer an automatic electronic level control system, the 'AquaFill' by Aquamedia Corp. that keeps the water treatment level of the pond consistant. Pond liner installers use floats that are mechanical like the float in a toilet tank. Mechanical fillers can corrode and stick, causing overflows together with poisoning the fish with excess chlorinated water. However, the AquaFill does not stick or corrode. Not only are the whole ponds produced a minimum of three feet deep, we build caves for the turtles and fish to cover up in. With pond liner construction, rocks cannot be cemented towards liner and therefore many are loose, creating a hazard somebody were to step in them. Kids will be kids and i also promise they'll eventually be running around the falls. We have no loose rock because they are all cemented available with Aquamedia Mortar Mix, which isn't only 3 times stronger than regular mortar, it will be dense. Being a result, alkali will not leach out into normal water and produce a pH situation. Regular mortar mix is porous and water passes through the joints in the rock, carrying with it cement deposit. This in turn creates stain trails high in pH, easily poisoning the fish. In conclusion, as a customer, a person pay $6,100 for a rubber pond liner or spend precisely the same amount or just a little more to get a shell made of concrete and steel that not only certainly not leak, but would long lasting. So what are we as contractors in search of? Exorbitant profits or peace of mind with long-term, happy clients? It is more enjoyable for me personally to acquire a call eight years about the road from a content client than to get a gripe for a leaky pond. Can the 'liner guy' disciple say? 'Sorry, we have enough an one full year warranty'? Or do they travel back and remove all the rocks, use the pond liner, clean it, repair the leaks, and replace all the rocks and equipment gratis? Liners or professional installations? You say pond liners are professionally installed. Then why will be the very same liner kit sold to homeowners and do-it-yourselfers? Associated electrical signals . is, regardless of take a practiced professional set up one. All you need is 'a garden hose and a shovel'! Look to be able to leap, and ponder for you to weep. Happy koi, peace and enjoyment.
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