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by:Peide     2020-07-03
Reverse osmosis systems work very well at removing all types of minerals and contaminants in water. Hard water minerals are easily removed from the reverse osmosis membrane as well but it does this career all too well. Hard water minerals go through the veins of the membrane and slowly build scale all along the veins which can cause the membrane to eventually clog up. Dow Filmtec recommends that their membranes work under water problems that have less than 3 grains of hardness but a large majority of homes do not have this ideal situation. Instantly world applications under residential use, if you have extremely hard water where it's over 15-20 grains of hardness. Under commercial or industrial applications, may be the to consider the 3 grains recommendation. Residential reverse osmosis systems do not really produce large amounts of water over time and the replacement reverse osmosis membranes do not cost a lot when compared to a commercial ro system. Industrial reverse osmosis systems produce water constantly and have a tendency to clog more quickly because of it. Adding a water treatment softener to larger commercial systems isn't only recommended but essential to maintain warranty with your reverse osmosis system. If not, your system can clog and you may have no water production as well as a large bill to switch those expensive membranes. softeners not only help the reverse osmosis system with the scale build up but it will certainly also increase the longevity of the membranes. Reverse osmosis membranes work better with sodium and potassium ions versus the magnesium and calcium. They find these ions better and easier to reject. Softening your water doesn't have to involve a full system costing thousands of dollars - although it is recommended to have a system that regenerates itself. They can be as easy as changing out one of the filter cartridges for a water softening cartridge. It may cost more in lengthy run using softener cartridges but you don't want to hassle yourself with obtaining a new water treatment softener system installed for the entire house or office. So under the right conditions, you may need to consider getting a water softener with a reverse osmosis system to specific your get the best life out of your reverse osmosis system. In the long run, you can saving money, time, and saving yourself from a headache.
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