How to extend uv disinfection system warranty?
If you want to extend the warranty for uv disinfection system , please consult our Customer Service for detailed information. An extended warranty is repair coverage that kicks in after the typical warranty has expired. It is important to note that you have the option to purchase this warranty any time before the manufacturer warranty expires.

Peide is specialized in producing varied ranges of Vacuum Degassing Machine. Expansion Tank System is one of Changzhou Peide Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd's multiple product series. Peide water purification machine is designed with different types by the designers. Having the fan on the top or side is the most common one because this type prevents droplets from hitting the heating elements. This product stands out for its good thermal stability. This product has some referential value as it has a reasonable design. It operates stably and won't be affected by water flow and speed. .

We target becoming a wide famous ultrasonic algae control supplier in the next future. Please contact.
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